Monday morning (3/23) I called the governors office and mayors office in Tampa Florida. I talk to them about our emergency services with Off The Grid Power Solutions and my partners Hawkins Services Co. with over 41 trucks on the road to keep the ball rolling. I have experience with Marshal law back in 2004 Charley passed over on August 13, with maximum winds of about 110 mph (180 km/h). ... An hour later, the hurricane struck Punta Gorda as a 145 mph (233 km/h) storm and then passed up through Port Charlotte. Ponta Gordo hurricane that ravaged Florida. Damage: $16.9 billion in (2004).We spent weeks around the clock being escorted to all elderly homes in need of power for their equipment. Daily escorts by armed army reserves for elder in need. To be quick and efficient we would pull meter cans, back feed and bolt all Generators down with chains to get them up and running,crazy times.Home Depot was our Marshel law headquarters,two and three hours of sleep each night,till I could not physically do any more. We got a lot of those older folks back up and running. Loved ones in need with respirators and home equipment for Family members. We are considered emergency services for your home’s and families.

Please don’t wait till it’s too late. Secure your home and family today. From experience in the worst times! Storm season is coming! Secure your home and family today

Briggs and Stratton Fortress Generators. Home of the No hassle

10 year parts,labor and travel warrantyAuthorized dealer and service Center. For the Tampa Bay area and beyond.🇺🇸

Drop ship anywhere in the USA

Office 1-844-4FL-GRID

24/7 1-844-435-4743

Off grid packages available.⚡️

Cell 813-503-5938

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